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Peace Sanctuary Garden engages St. Paul residents

Hand holding ear of corn
Master Gardener volunteers with University of Minnesota Extension hosted weekly afternoon Peace Sanctuary Garden classes at a community garden on Aurora Avenue in St. Paul during the summer of 2016. The purpose was to engage residents in investing in their neighborhoods by offering communal gardening time, a garden science lesson and a nutritious garden snack.

Children of all ages drew pictures, planted and weeded the garden, tasted produce, acted and explored, and enjoyed learning about plants and bugs. 

An anonymous donor started an endowment fund in 2015 to provide quarterly funding to enhance programming at this site. Thirty-two children and 23 adults participated regularly in 2015.

In 2016, the donated funds were used to provide food and a hand-washing station, and to hire a young person from the neighborhood to help maintain the garden space. (Top photo courtesy of Hannah Ramer. All other photos courtesy of Carol Gurstelle)

Man helping girl reach a plantBoy looking at plantChildren and adults working in gardenTwo children in gardenBoy tending a plant
Boy digging in gardenHomemade garden tags

Thank-you message on chalkboard

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