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School Success website from Extension helps families, schools and communities

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A new School Success website from University of Minnesota Extension offers the latest research and easy-to-use tools to support children's learning from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The website has resources for both families and professionals. “Strong partnerships between parents and school, and between schools and their communities, are the foundation for our children's success,” said Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Extension educator in family resiliency.

Families can find support in the following three areas:

Supporting learning — Create a supportive learning environment at home and the community.

Making school transitions positive — Help children transition into, between, and out of school.

Building stronger parent-child relationships — Strengthen parent-child relationships to help children succeed in school.

Professionals can find support like this:

Family engagement tools — These tools range from tips for effective communication to ideas for family outreach efforts.

Research on school success — This literature review summarizes the effect of family on children's learning.

Partnering for School Success take and teach lessons — These short lesson plans can be used with parents to help them better support their children's education.

Partnering for School Success — This culturally sensitive model has blossomed into a number of programs and resources that strengthen partnerships between parents and children, and parents and schools.

If you have questions, contact Extension's School Success team. Together, families, schools and communities can support children’s learning.

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