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Give Valentine's Day roses the right love and they'll last longer

Media Contact: Allison Sandve, University of Minnesota Extension media relations, office 612-626-4077,

ST. PAUL, Minn. (2/13/2017)—Valentine’s Day and roses go hand in hand. Bouquet givers and receivers can extend roses beauty with tips from the University of Minnesota Extension horticulture team.

Selection: Look for flowers with a few outermost petals beginning to unfurl. Look for all petals to be fresh and not brown or discolored, especially the outer petals, which are the first to deteriorate.

Healthy leaves and stems: Leaves and stems should be medium to dark green. Yellowed or light green leaves and stems are a sign of aging flowers.

Promote water uptake: Cut the stem ends to encourage them to take up water. Use a sharp knife or pruners to avoid crushing plant tissue. If possible, cut the stems underwater or place them in water soon after cutting. Check your vase daily; roses can take up a lot of water.

Preservatives: Use the floral preservative that’s usually …

Deep winter greenhouse open house is Feb. 18 in Lake County

FINLAND (2/7/2017)—The Northeast Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (RSDP) and Organic Consumers Association will host a public open house at the first deep winter greenhouse to finish construction.