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Six savory facts about Minnesota turkeys

ST. PAUL, Minn. (11/14/2018) —This year, you might want to create an entirely local Thanksgiving feast, starting with the turkey, of course. Minnesota leads the nation in turkey production.
University of Minnesota Extension has been collaborating with the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association (MTGA) since 1939 on research and educational programs in bird nutrition, bird health, management, genetics and breeding. Minnesota youth learn poultry science through Extension 4-H projects.
It’s still a family affair on the farm
While hatcheries and processing companies provide many jobs, growing the turkeys happens on family farms. Four hundred and fifty family farmers raise 42.5 million turkeys each year. Get to know some turkey farmers by watching videos produced by Minnesota Turkey.

You can raise turkeys in cold weatherOne of the major changes in Minnesota’s turkey production was the transition from a seasonal to a year-round operation. In the early-to-mid 1980s Extension researchers, turkey fa…

Farmland rental meetings take place through early 2019

ST. PAUL, Minn. (11/2/2018)—A series of 40 meetings on fair farm rental agreements begins in early November and continues into 2019.

The program is free and designed to help meet the needs of farmers, landlords, agri-business professionals and others.

“Farmland rental rates have been heading lower the last couple of years due to lower commodity prices,” says David Bau, Extension educator in ag business management. “Following earlier records, the prices for corn and soybeans in recent years are significantly lower. Determining a fair, profitable farm rental agreement is a challenge in today’s economy.”

Extension educators will examine several ways to negotiate fair rental agreements that satisfy the landowner and farmer. Examples and factsheets will be provided, along with worksheets that look at 2019 input costs and crop prices to determine affordable rent, rate of return to the landlord and flexible rental agreements.

More details are with workshop schedule are available at: https:…